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The Romania ADL Partnership Laboratory (Romania ADL Partnership Lab), formed in 2009, is located in Bucharest, Romania. It is sponsored by the “Carol I” National Defence University of the Ministry of National Defense of Romania, and the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.


The Romania ADL Partnership Lab, through the "Carol l" National Defence University's Romanian Advanced Distributed Learning Department (RoADL-D), seeks to collaborate with ADL on developing technical frameworks and standards in national and international contexts, with participation from government, industry, and academia.

The RoADL-D vision centers on a “Network Based Education – Student Oriented” concept as part of its core mission to develop and manage multilevel, standardized, online learning curricula according to ADL principles.

The RoADL-D promotes e-learning and e-training for civilian and military personnel for lifelong learning and military education. The department is involved in research projects developed at the national, European Union (EU), and NATO levels, and offers expertise on creating SCORM 2004-compliant educational content, authoring tools, and integrated systems for education and training.

Ion Roceanu, Director

Dr. Professor Ion Roceanu has served as the Director of the Romanian Advanced Distributed Learning Department of the "Carol l" National Defence University since its founding in 2005, and assumed responsibilities for the Romania ADL Partnership Lab in 2009. He is responsible for developing ADL capabilities for the university and the Ministry of National Defence of Romania in close cooperation with national and international partners. As Director of the Romania ADL Partnership Lab he works to further the goals of the ADL Initiative through partnership activities and projects that advance SCORM, CORDRA™, and related learning technologies. Dr. Roceanu is a member of the NATO and PfP Consortium Advanced Distributed Learning working group, and is the President of the eLearning and Software for Education International Scientific Conference (eLCE).

Dr. Roceanu is a graduate of the Signal Military School. After completing doctoral studies in 2000, he has taught Computer Science applied in the Military sciences, including Command and Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence, and Network Centric Warfare. He has completed advanced coursework in project management, Chief Information Officer, and Joint Operations Planning. Dr. Roceanu has been involved in Romania’s advanced distributed learning projects since 2004.

Ion Roceanu, Director

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